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Yasuhiro Chida


    Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Kobe biennale/Hyogo,Japan2009Vegetable oil, Pump, LED light, Fluorescent light, Pipe, Tarpaulin, WoodW: 2.3m×D: 12.0m×H: 2.2m (Size variable) This work attempted to lock up… Read More »Dilwara

    Gene Pool Pool

      Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Behind Ghost In the Cell/Kanazawa 21 century Art Museum/Ishikawa, Japan2016Wood, Acrylic, GeneW:1.8m x D:1.8m x H:1.8m The large cube outside was equivalent… Read More »Gene Pool Pool


        Rokuzan Kensei Hall/Nagano, Japan2008Reed, Motor, LED, WoodW:6m D:12m H:3m A cave made out of cotton fluff taken from about 8000 reeds was installed in the… Read More »Hilbert

        Space of Moment

          Space mu/ Tokyo2002Water, Stroboscope, WaterpumpW:5m D:9m H:5m Rain falls inside a room in a grid pattern. Thanks to the stroboscopic lighting, the water droplets float… Read More »Space of Moment

          Kalamatoria 01

            Photo: Yusuke KitamuraYasuhiro Chida Toyoshina Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2010Mixed mediaD:10m x W:5m x H:2m 13 objects of various materials and forms, made through different techniques, hang… Read More »Kalamatoria 01

            Kalamatoria 00

              Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Tama riverbank, Tokyo, Japan2004Dancer: Alumimihifumi This work causes several hundred globes of light to fly into the air. These transparent balloons contain… Read More »Kalamatoria 00

              Technical riders

                Production Summary Aftereal Analemma Brocken 0.04 MYRKVIÐR Catalog 2020 – Freed from images-


                  Night Ver. Rokko Meets Art/Hyogo, Japan 2015 Wood, Steel, Glass W:4.5m D:4.5m H:4m In this spatial work, one can experience the rotation of the Earth… Read More »1,375km/h

                  Bandneon x Guiter x Installation

                    Photo: etsuetsu Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Bar Aquavite, Nagano, Japan2015Guiter: Aki Ozawa, Bandneon: Kaori OhkuboStage design: Yasuhiro Chida

                    Koishiya ryokan Art room

                      Photo: Yohei YamakamiDirector: Yasuhiro Chida Photo: Yohei Yamakami Art room/Koishiya-Ryokan, Nagano, Japan2017Mixed mediaW:3.6m D:4.6 H2.4m


                        Photo: Katsuyuki Araki Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Monten-hall, Tokyo, Japan2014Saxophone: Masaki Oishi, Violin: Sumine Hayashibara, Dance: SeppenSound, Producer: Asako MiyakiVideo: Jun KosakaVisual: Yasuhiro Chida


                          Director: Yasuhiro Chida Toyoshina Art Museum/Nagano, Japan 2019Tulle fabric, Laser, MotorFlexible D:5-20m x W:5-20m x H:3m This was one of Chida’s works from his 2019… Read More »Contour


                            Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Limited editionTransparent ver. 2,500 EURBlack ver. 2,500 EUR2015Acrylic, Stainless steel400mm x 47mm x 200m This work allows one to experience the fastest… Read More »900,000km/s