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Born in 1977 in Kanagawa, Japan. Majored in Architecture at Musashino Art University. Creates immersive art installations on the themes of “the consciousness of space” and “the transformation of somatic sensation,” which are based on his experiences from such activities as high-altitude mountain climbing, ice climbing and caving.
His name was cited in the website Artdex, in the article “Ever-Renewing Power of Light Art: 9 Brilliant Light Artists You Need to Know” (2019). Recent major activities include: International Light Art Award 2019 (Unna, Germany; one of the three Finalists; received the Audience Prize.); Kunst Fest Spiele (2020, Hannover, Germany); Luminale (2020 Frankfurt, Germany); Wonderspaces (2019 – , USA); RE: PUBLIKA Festival (2018, Czech Republic); La Chartreuse cultural center (2018, Avignon, France ); Amsterdam Light Festival (2017, 2018); and SIGNAL Festival 2016 (Czech Republic); Taiwan Light Festival 2021. Explores the peripheries of art, for which he has received the cooperation of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). Currently building his art museum ”Museum of Spatial Art” in Tatsuno, Nagano,  Japan. 

1977 年神奈川県生まれ。武蔵野美術大学建築学科専攻。高所登山やアイスクライミングなどのフィールドワークを行い、「空間の知覚」と「体性感覚の変容」を主題にインスタレーション作品を制作。
Artdex「世界の優れた9人のライトアーティスト」に、O・エリアソンやJ・タレルらと共に選出(2019)。ライトアートの最高峰 Center for International Light Art 観客賞(ウナ、2019)。台湾最大のライトフェスティバル(2021)。ヘレンハウゼン王宮庭園KunstFestSpiele(ハノーファー、2020)。5日間で100万人を動員するLuminale(フランクフルト、2020)、Wonderspaces(2019-)全米ツアー。チェコスロバキア建国 100 年記念、RE: PUBLIKAにおいてミュシャの《スラヴ叙事詩》と共に展示(2018)。フランス最大級の修道院 La Chartreuse(アヴィニョン、2017)。世界最高峰のライトフェスティバルAmsterdam Light Festival(アムステルダム、2017,2018)。M@X program award(湖南、2018)。チェコ最大の芸術祭 SIGNAL Festival(プラハ、2016)。他、欧州を中心に各国を代表する芸術祭、展示に数多く参加。国内においては、国立天文台やJAXA(宇宙航空研究開発機構)との協働など美術の周縁を探る。現在、長野県辰野町に作品を常設する空間美術館を建設中。

/ Prizes
2019 International Light Art Award/Audience Award, Light Art Museum, Unna
2018 Life geek award/Emerging space prize, Shanghai China
2016 Lights in the Farm/1st prize, Tokyo
2016 Smart Illumination Yokohama/Yokohama
2015 Ise Cultural Foundation/NY U.S.
2015 Arte Laguna Prize/ Finalist, Venezia Italy
2015 Aichi art challenge/Aichi
2014 Smart Illumination Yokohama/Audience choice prize, Yokohama
2007 Visual Art of Silk/Tokyo
2007 Mino washi Light Art festival/Gifu Japan

/ Exhibitions
2022 BLIK BLIK 2021, Pilsen, Czech Republic 2021
2022 EVILIGHTUNGEN, Hildesheim, Germany
2021 RGB Light experience, Rome, Italy
2021 LichtKunstGouda 2021, Gouda, Netherlands
2021 Klanglicht 2021, Eggenberg, Austria
2021 Palm Heights, Cayman island
2021 Parco de Museum, Nagano, Japan
2021 Taiwan Light Festival 2021, Taichung, Taiwan
2021 Wonderspaces Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
2020 Time perception, Shanghai, China
2020 Kunst Fest Spiele, Hannover, Germany
2020 Blooming festival, Pergola, Italy
2020 Space Art Tanegashima, Japan
2020 Chapter break, Shanghai, China
2020 Wonderspaces Austin, Arizona, U.S.
2020 LUMINALE 2020, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2020 Wonderspaces Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
2020 Yuejin Lantern Festival 2020, Tainan, Taiwan
2020 Solo Exhibition/Kichijoji Art Museum ,Tokyo, Japan
2019 E22 Mobility/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2019 PRISMA/Aveiro, Portugal
2019 Space Art Tanegashima/Kagoshima, Japan
2019 Into The Great Wild Open/Vlieland, Netherlands
2019 Wonderspaces/San Diego, U.S.
2019 Solo exhibition/Toyoshina art museum, Nagano Japan
2018 Solo exhibition/Nieuwenmeer Netherlands
2018 RGB Light Festival/Rome Italy
2018 Amsterdam Light Festival/Amsterdam Netherlands
2018 Park light/Amsterdam Netherlands
2018 Hong Kong Plus light festival /Hong Kong
2018 Metamorphosis/HerderRaumFurKunst Cologne Germany
2018 Space Art Tnanegashima/Tanegashima
2018 Biela Noc festival/Bratislava, Kosice Slovakia
2018 Open studio/Echangeur22, Avignon France
2018 Extension labyrinth/La Chartreuse, Avignon France
2018 Festival RE: PUBLIKA/Brno Czech Republic
2018 Final exhibition/Shinano art museum, Nagano
2018 Shinbizm/Kiso Goryokan, Nagano
2018 Solo exhibition/Echangeur22, Avignon France
2017 Solo exhibition/Tenri Gallery, Cologne Germany
2017 Amsterdam Light Festival/Amsterdam Netherlands
2017 Smart Illumination Yokohama/Yokohama
2017 Art is science/Karuizawa New Art Museum, Nagano
2017 Kagerou/Dungeon, Tokyo
2017 Space Art Tnanegashima/Tanegashima
2017 Metamorphosis/gallery 82,Nagano
2017 Solo exhibition/gallery camellia, Tokyo
2016 Tent city#6/art and river bank, Tokyo
2016 Signal Festival/Plague Czech Republic
2016 Cestmir Suska Studio exhibition/Prague Czech Republic
2016 BLIK BLIK light festival/Pilsen Czech Republic
2016 Behind Ghost In the Cell/21 Century Museum gallery, Kanazawa
2015 Tent city#5/art and riverbank, Tokyo
2015 Space Art Festival/Tanegashima
2015 Rokko Meets Art/Hyogo
2015 Smart Illumination Nakayama/Yokohama
2015 Smart Illumination Yokohama/Yokohama
2015 Viewing universe/Shigakogen Roman Museum, Nagano
2014 tent city#4/art and riverbank, Tokyo
2014 Shinano-Omachi Food and Art Corridor/Nagano
2013 Myrkvidr 38.44r/Kalama Park, Nagano
2013 Solo exhibition/Karuizawa New Art Museum, Nagano
2010 Culture experience program/Toyoshina Art Museum, Nagano
2009 Kobe Biennale International competition/Hyogo
2009 Solo exhibition/8 link studio, Nagano
2008 Solo exhibition/gallery sora, Tokyo
2008 Things to Make, things to be made/Rokuzan Park Hall, Nagano
2006 deposit meeting/art and riverbank, Tokyo
2004 Solo exhibition/Photographer’s gallery, Tokyo
2003 Kalamatoria 00/Tama Riverbank, Tokyo
2002 Solo exhibition/Space mu, Tokyo

/ Stage works, Space designs
2018 Echo Location/Kichijoji Art Museum, Tokyo
2018 Asagohan/Bukatsudo, Yokohama
2018 M@X program award/Funan China
2017 Art room/Koishiya-Ryokan, Nagano
2015 Bandoneon x Guitar x Installation/Bar aquavite, Nagano
2014 Teleceptor/Monten Hall, Tokyo
2011 Tree/Tracks Bar, Nagano
2010 Three women/D Warehouse, Tokyo
2006 Sunset box/Tokyo
2004 Avante Garde Trumpet/Maeda Hall, Kanagawa
2004 Zuyua 4th wave/Club cube, Tokyo
2004 PMPS around Tat Ming Pair Live/Hong Kong
2003 Zuyua 3rd wave/Club Cube, Tokyo
2003 Orpheus/Okinoerabu

/ Workshops
2016 Dancing Universe/Zou-no-Hana Terrace, Yokohama
2016 Darkness in your room/Zou-no-Hana Terrace, Yokohama
2015 My starry sky/Hirota site Museum, Tanegashima
2015 Make Universe/Smart Illumination Nakayama/Yokohama
2014 My snow mountain/art and riverbank, Tokyo
2014 Nature camera/Shinano-Omachi Food and Art Corridor, Nagano
2013 Make by break/Karuizawa New Art Museum, Nagano
2010 Usual art/Toyoshina Modern Art Museum, Nagano
2010 To see unvisible thing/Toyoshina Modern Art Museum, Nagano

/ Collection
2019 [Brocken 5] Space Art Tanegashima
2019 [Myrkviðr]Wonderspaces
2019 [Brocken 5]Wonderspaces
2018 [Aftereal] Light Art Collection
2017 [Myrkviðr]Space Art Tanegashima
2017 [Brocken 6 A] Light Art Collection
2016 [900,000km/s] Shiga Kogen Roman Museum
2016 [Brocken 5.1] Depo2015 Czech Republic

/ Media
2019.19.Jun. 3sat Internationales Zentrum für Lichtkunst
2019. 19.Jun. WDR 5 Scala – aktuelle Kultur
2019.11.Jun. WDR 3 Mosaik
2019.25.Feb Artdex
2019.21.Jan. GSD
2018.28.Nov. Amsterdam Light Festival
2018.27.Jun. SIGNAL Production
2017.13.Dec. Design Exchange
2016 DEPO2015
2016 EU Japan Fest

For a long time, I researched various materials and phenomena in order to create my work. This, however, was always human research: it was an inquiry into the meaning of life. It is impossible, in principle, to know the objective of human existence. But what would the greatest human experience possibly be? This question has served as a subtle hint to the meaning of our existence — and even if it fails to bring us closer to this truth, the joy of the experience is surely something of great value.
What can human beings perceive, and how do we react to this? Through my own body as a medium, I seek out a sense of universal human existence that lies beyond the realm of the individual. This pursuit is equivalent to the act of delving deep into the external world that surrounds us. I wish for my work to elicit a deep reaction to the fact that we are living, human beings and a part of this universe, in a way that transcends the superficial differences of those who experience it.
This world is infinitely mysterious and beautiful. Reality has expanded as it has widened the scope of our perception and thinking. Our imagination and capacity to think are limited, however. Without relying on thought as an intermediary, artists can transform the infinity and mystery of reality into an artwork, by manipulating the material with our hands.
I don’t draw anything; neither do I express anything. I come into contact with reality through my hand, liberating this reality from the limitations of being depicted. I want to see the mysteries of this world — in other words, the possibilities of human beings.<D.W>

Yasuhiro Chida