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    Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

    Rokuzan Kensei Hall/Nagano, Japan
    Reed, Motor, LED, Wood
    W:6m D:12m H:3m

    A cave made out of cotton fluff taken from about 8000 reeds was installed in the gallery. Hanging in the center is a translucent board measuring 7 meters long that vibrates faintly, making its outline rather ambiguous. Light strikes the board, causing the shadows and reflected light to quietly and gently dissolve into the walls of cotton fluff.
    Just as a fish in water does not notice the water, it is difficult for us to perceive a space while we are in it. By being outside it, we become able to grasp the situation. By being aware of a situation in which that space is absent, forming an image, and perceiving it, would it be possible to deal with that space from a position outside it — outside this space that we ordinarily occupy as if it were perfectly natural to do so? In order to perceive a situation in which that space is absent, things that are equivalent to space, or more certain than it — in other words, light, time, or gravity — can serve as guideposts. <D.W>