Yasuhiro Chida


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Photo: Kishin Himori Space Art Tanegashima/Kagoshima, Japan2020Magnetic sand, Wood, Motor, LEDW:2m x D:2m x H:1m The angle of repose is the maximum angle at which… Read More »Repose

Freed from image

20 EUR2020A4/128pages(80 Color pages)Kichijoji Art Museum This is the only catalog that covers most of Yasuhiro Chida’s works from the early days.Tadashi Kanai/Seiichiro Naito/Asako Miyaki/Yoshimi… Read More »Freed from image


Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Nieuw en Meer/Amsterdam, Netherlands2018Sellotape, ProjectorFlexible D:2m x W:2m x H:0.5m

Moving silent

Photo: Yasuhiro ChidaStefan Melzer Solo exhibition at Tenri Japanisch-Deutsche Kulturwerkstatt/Koln, Germany2018Golden thread, LightD:4m x W:6m x H:0.4m

Scale in Toyoshina

Photo: Toru Tsuji Toyoshina Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2019White cement, LED, MotorW:4m x D:4m x H:1m

Scale in Kiso goryokan

Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Shinbizm/Kiso Goryokan, Nagano2018White cement, Light bulbW:5m D:6m H:3m


Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Open studio/Echangeur22, Avignon, France2018Plastic bottleW:60mm x D:60mm x H:225m


700 EUR2017Glass powder, Mirror, WoodW:200mm x H:200mm x D:10mm

Light needles

700 EUR2017Magnetite, WoodW:200mm x H:200mm x D:10mm


Photo: Yohei Yamakami Space Art Tanegashima/Kagoshima, Japan2015Wood, Steel pipe, Glass ballW:4.5M D:7.5m H: 4.5m The place where this work was installed, located at a latitude… Read More »1,443km/h

0.04 in KNAM

Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Karuizawa New Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2017 Water, LEDFlexible D:10m x W:2m x H:5m



Photo: Kishin Himori Space Art Tanegashima/Kagoshima, Japan2020KuPR(Sensor of a satellite), ProjectorD:10m x W:4m x H:1.2m Radar is not designed for appreciation, but there is beauty… Read More »KuPr-1

Annalemma-Blooming Festival

Sound: TomCosmDirector: Yasuhiro Chida Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Blooming Festival/Pergola, Italy2020Polyester thread, ProjectorVariable size D:5m x W:3m x H:3m

Aftereal in ALF

Photo: Janus van den Eijnden Amsterdam Light Festival2018Fluorescence thread, UV light, Motor Flexible D:35m x W:35m x H:1.5mAfter This work that was exhibited at the… Read More »Aftereal in ALF

Myrkviðr in Luminale

Director: Yasuhiro Chida Photo: Ralf Werner Luminale/Frankfurt, Germany2020Nylon thread, Aluminum, LED, Motor W:5m x D:16m x H:5m