For space

Moving silence

Photo: Yasuhiro ChidaStefan Melzer Solo exhibition at Tenri Japanisch-Deutsche Kulturwerkstatt/Koln, Germany2018Golden thread, LightD:4m x W:6m x H:0.4m

Room for space

Photo: Yohei Yamakami Photo: Tooru Tsuji Musashino Curtural City Center, Tokyo Japan2020Golden thread, LED, WoodW:18m D:18m H:2.0m

Stairs for space

Stairs for space

Echangeur 22/Mobility #2 Center municipal of art Helio Oiticica/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2019Golden threads, Sunlight W:4m D:4m H:1.5m In the open space above the staircase, two… Read More »Stairs for space