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Yasuhiro Chida

Analemma at Kichijyoji Art Museum

    Director: Tooru Tsuji Sound: Asako MiyakiDirector: Yasuhiro Chida Photo: Yohei Yamakami Photo: Toru Tsuji Kichijoji Art Museum/Tokyo,Japan2020Polyester thread, Projector Flexible D:10m x W:10m x H:4m


      Photo: Yoshida Tsukasa Bukatsudo, Yokohama, Japan2018Dance: asamicroSound: go taneda


        Sold Out Gallery Camellia/Tokyo2017Steel, WoodW:100mm x H:100mm x D:10mm


          Echangeur 22/Mobility #2Center municipal of art Helio Oiticica Rio de Janeiro2019EggboxW:800mm D:300mm H:150mm This work explores the limit of existence and perception, and the perceptibility… Read More »Kihaku-eggbox

          Stairs for space

          Stairs for space

            Echangeur 22/Mobility #2 Center municipal of art Helio Oiticica/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2019Golden threads, Sunlight W:4m D:4m H:1.5m In the open space above the staircase, two… Read More »Stairs for space

            Nature Camera

              Making a camera using only materials found in the forest. <D.W> 森にある材料だけで、カメラを作る。

              Everyday art

                Selecting a material from the objects around you, excluding art materials, such as aluminium foil, tracing paper, fishing lines, or cotton, and making something using… Read More »Everyday art

                Dancing Universe

                  Dancing universe in Zounohana terrace Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Zou no hana terrace/Kanagawa, Japan2016Mirror, SunVariable size The number “2” appears on the ceiling at 2 o’clock,… Read More »Dancing Universe

                  Your BOX

                    Tent city#5 art and riverbank/Tokyo, Japan2015Wood I make a wooden box onsite for something dear to you. This work is  the production of a performance,… Read More »Your BOX


                      Maeda Hall,Kanagawa, JapanMusic: Asako MiyakiTrumpet: Kiyonori Sokabe In this work, light in an aurora pattern synchronized to the sound is projected through an analog technique… Read More »Aurora


                        Photo: Toru TsujiYasuhiro Chida Toyoshina Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2019Magnetic sand, Steel pipe, Wood, Stone, Motor, LEDD:2m x W:2m x H:7m 300kg of iron sand flows down… Read More »Hagakure