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Experiencing a consciousness of degeneration through ultra-low frequency sound

    Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

    TDA/Tokyo, Japan
    Ivy, Motor
    W:2m x D:3m x H:2m

    In this work, the viewer enters a cocoon with a diameter of 2 meters made by weaving ivy together. With controller in hand, one can adjust the sound from an audible range to an ultra-low frequency (50Hz to 12Hz). Ancient shamen used to make use of this sound in the Maeshowe type of chambered cairns, which were built to give off such ultra-low frequencies, in order to induce changes in consciousness.
    This function is controlled by one’s psychological state, so that one’s five senses would have a sense of direction. The act of influencing consciousness without relying on the five senses has a universal function that does not depend on the state that the viewer is in, serving as a sort of compass for one’s psychological environment. <D.W>