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Yasuhiro Chida

Retina wave

    Smart Illumination Yokohama2015Organic EL Wire, Motor L:3m x φ:30mm This work consists of a skipping rope with a built-in generator powered by ultra-high efficiency electromagnetic… Read More »Retina wave

    Brocken Y

      Smart Illumination Yokohama/Yokohama2015SteelW:4m D:4m H:3m In this work, a spiral-shaped space was created in order to properly accommodate the shape of the materials and the… Read More »Brocken Y

      Myrkviðr at LIF

        Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Setagaya Light in Farm/Tokyo, Japan2016Nylon thread, LED, AluminumW:4m D:4m H:2m

        Kalamatoria 02

          Aichi Arts Challenge/Aichi Arts center, Nagoya, Japan2015Birdproof threads, Sunlight, LED lightW:15m D:15m H:20m 13km worth of black and silver threads twisted together were stretched out… Read More »Kalamatoria 02


            Photo: Yohei Yamakami Shiga Kogen Roman Museum/Nagano, Japan 2015 Nylon thread, Mirror thread, Aluminum, LED, Motor W:8m D:8m H:7m Although this work seems to recreate… Read More »3×1+

            Brocken 6

              Photo: Yohei YamakamiYoshifumi TadokoroJunzo YambeYasuhiro Chida Shinano-Omachi Food and Art Corridor/Nagano, Japan 2014SteelW:4m x D:6m x H:3.5m Installed on top of a shallow river, this… Read More »Brocken 6

              MYRKVIÐR at KNAM

                Photo: Yusuke KitamuraYasuhiro Chida Karuizawa New Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2013Nylon thread, Aluminum, LED, MotorD:12m x W:6m x H:5m Roughly 3km worth of nylon threads were spread… Read More »MYRKVIÐR at KNAM

                MYRKVIÐR 38.44R

                  Studio Kalama/Nagano, Japan 2013Nylon threads, MoonW:6m D:6m H:5m The distance to the moon is turned into a work. <D.W>月までの距離を作品にする。

                  Myrkviðr at Koln

                    Photo: Stefan Melzer Solo exhibition at Tenri Japanisch-Deutsche Kulturwerkstatt/Koln, Germany2018Nylon thread, Aluminum, LED, MotorD:8m x W:8m x H:6m

                    MYRKVIÐR at E22

                      Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Solo exhibition at E22/Avignon, FranceNylon thread, Aluminum, LED, MotorD:15m x W:4m x H:3m

                      Three women

                        Photo: Yasuhiro Chida D Warehouse, Tokyo, Japan2010

                        The dusk

                          8 link studio/Nagano, Japan2009Steel, Nylon thread, SnowW:7m D:20m H:4m 13 metal poles of different lengths, polished until they become mirror surfaces, are installed, and 3000m… Read More »The dusk

                          Retina Light

                            Toyoshina Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2008LED, Motor, CottonW:400mm D:400mm H:400mm Light is the purest of all materials. It is a presence that is more certain than either… Read More »Retina Light


                              Photo: Yusuke Kitamura Gallery sora/Tokyo, Japan 2008 Sugar, Starch syrup, Steel, Nylon thread W:2.5m D:2.5m H:2.5m I made a cube of light measuring two meters… Read More »Sugargel

                              Shape of light

                                Tracks bar/Nagano, Japan2008Hotmelt bond, Steel, Nylon threadW:2.5m D:2.5m H:3.0m Nylon threads and transparent glue were used to fix the light in midair. This is a… Read More »Shape of light