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Brocken 6

    Photo: Yohei Yamakami
    Yoshifumi Tadokoro
    Junzo Yambe
    Yasuhiro Chida

    Shinano-Omachi Food and Art Corridor/Nagano, Japan
    W:4m x D:6m x H:3.5m

    Installed on top of a shallow river, this work made use of the reflections from the water surface. Visitors dip their feet into the cold water and enter into the work to appreciate it. When the fluctuations on the water surface calm down, the surface becomes akin to a mirror, and the viewer has the experience of floating in midair. The “6” in the title comes from the fact that there are 6 surfaces of light here: front and back, right and left, and top and bottom. <D.W>