Aftereal at ALF

Photo: Janus van den Eijnden Amsterdam Light Festival2018Fluorescence thread, UV light, Motor Flexible D:35m x W:35m x H:1.5mAfter This work that was exhibited at the… Read More »Aftereal at ALF


Photo: Toru Tsuji Toyoshina Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2019 Fluorescence thread, UV light, Viberating motorW:2m x D:2m x H:2m

Retina Pillar at Kichijoji Art Museum

Sound: Asako MiyakiDirector: Yasuhiro Chida Photo: Toru Tsuji Kichijoji Art Museum/Tokyo, Japan2020Fluorescent thread, UV light, MotorW:0.3m x D:0.3m x H:6m

Retina Pillar at Koln

Director: Yasuhiro Chida Metamorphosis/HerderRaumFurKunst, Cologne, Germany2018Fluorescence thread, UV light, Motor Flexible D:4m x W:4m x H:10m

Retina wave

Smart Illumination Yokohama2015Organic EL Wire, Motor L:3m x φ:30mm This work consists of a skipping rope with a built-in generator powered by ultra-high efficiency electromagnetic… Read More »Retina wave

Retina Light

Toyoshina Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2008LED, Motor, CottonW:400mm D:400mm H:400mm Light is the purest of all materials. It is a presence that is more certain than either… Read More »Retina Light