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Other works


    Photo: Toru Tsuji Photo:Hirohiko Koyamada 2021GlassW:2,400 D:400 H:90Matsumoto city museum of Art/Nagano, Japan


      Photo: Kishin Himori Space Art Tanegashima/Kagoshima, Japan2020Magnetic sand, Wood, Motor, LEDW:2m x D:2m x H:1m The angle of repose is the maximum angle at which… Read More »Repose


        Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Nieuw en Meer/Amsterdam, Netherlands2018Sellotape, ProjectorFlexible D:2m x W:2m x H:0.5m


          Photo: Toru TsujiYasuhiro Chida Toyoshina Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2019Magnetic sand, Steel pipe, Wood, Stone, Motor, LEDD:2m x W:2m x H:7m 300kg of iron sand flows down… Read More »Hagakure


            Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Kobe biennale/Hyogo,Japan2009Vegetable oil, Pump, LED light, Fluorescent light, Pipe, Tarpaulin, WoodW: 2.3m×D: 12.0m×H: 2.2m (Size variable) This work attempted to lock up… Read More »Dilwara


              Rokuzan Kensei Hall/Nagano, Japan2008Reed, Motor, LED, WoodW:6m D:12m H:3m A cave made out of cotton fluff taken from about 8000 reeds was installed in the… Read More »Hilbert

              Kalamatoria 01

                Photo: Yusuke KitamuraYasuhiro Chida Toyoshina Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2010Mixed mediaD:10m x W:5m x H:2m 13 objects of various materials and forms, made through different techniques, hang… Read More »Kalamatoria 01