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□Educational programs

Nature Camera

    Making a camera using only materials found in the forest. <D.W> 森にある材料だけで、カメラを作る。

    Everyday art

      Selecting a material from the objects around you, excluding art materials, such as aluminium foil, tracing paper, fishing lines, or cotton, and making something using… Read More »Everyday art

      Dancing Universe

        Dancing universe in Zounohana terrace Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Zou no hana terrace/Kanagawa, Japan2016Mirror, SunVariable size The number “2” appears on the ceiling at 2 o’clock,… Read More »Dancing Universe

        Your BOX

          Tent city#5 art and riverbank/Tokyo, Japan2015Wood I make a wooden box onsite for something dear to you. This work is  the production of a performance,… Read More »Your BOX

          Gene Pool Pool

            Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Behind Ghost In the Cell/Kanazawa 21 century Art Museum/Ishikawa, Japan2016Wood, Acrylic, GeneW:1.8m x D:1.8m x H:1.8m The large cube outside was equivalent… Read More »Gene Pool Pool