Brocken 1

Photo: Toru Tsuji Toyoshina Art Museum/Nagano, Japan2019 Aluminum foil, SellotapeW:8m x D:12m x H:7m A sheet measuring 12 by 8 meters was made out of… Read More »Brocken 1

Brocken 6 A

Director: Yasuhiro Chida Director: Yasuhiro Chida Amsterdam Light Festival2017 SteelW:4m x D:6m x H:4m To turn the quality and texture of a space, and volumes… Read More »Brocken 6 A

Brocken 5.1

Brocken 5.1 in Biela Noc Photo: Marko Erd Biela Noc Festival/Bratislava, Kosice2018 Steel, WoodW:4m x D:6m x H:3m Sound: Asako Miyaki Brocken 5.1 in RE:… Read More »Brocken 5.1

Brocken Y

Smart Illumination Yokohama/Yokohama2015SteelW:4m D:4m H:3m In this work, a spiral-shaped space was created in order to properly accommodate the shape of the materials and the… Read More »Brocken Y

Brocken 6

Photo: Yohei YamakamiYoshifumi TadokoroJunzo YambeYasuhiro Chida Shinano-Omachi Food and Art Corridor/Nagano, Japan 2014SteelW:4m x D:6m x H:3.5m Installed on top of a shallow river, this… Read More »Brocken 6