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The dusk

    Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

    8 link studio/Nagano, Japan
    Steel, Nylon thread, Snow
    W:7m D:20m H:4m

    13 metal poles of different lengths, polished until they become mirror surfaces, are installed, and 3000m worth of nylon threads are spread around while being supported by them. In the center is a path drawn in white sand: visitors can go inside. The refracted light from the nylon threads appears to float up into space depending on the light of the sun or moon. In the winter, the temperature dips to minus 8 degrees: snow piles up, frost appears, and icicles hang down. Installed by the side of a national highway, points of light move through the space of this work thanks to the headlights of passing cars. <D.W>

    鏡面に磨かれた長さの違う13本の金属柱が設置され、それを支えに3000m 分のナイロン糸が張り巡らされる。中央に白い砂で描かれた道があり、内部に入ることができる。太陽や月の光によってナイロン糸の屈折光が宙に浮かび上がる。冬には氷点下8 度まで下がり、雪が積もり、霜がつき、つららが下がる。国道脇に設置され、通過する車のヘッドライトによって、光の点が宙を動いていく。