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Retina wave

    Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

    Smart Illumination Yokohama
    Organic EL Wire, Motor
    L:3m x φ:30mm

    This work consists of a skipping rope with a built-in generator powered by ultra-high efficiency electromagnetic induction: when you jump, electricity is generated and the entire rope lights up. The afterimage of the light remains on your retina for one-tenth of a second: the person jumping rope becomes part of the nightscape. <D.W>

    超高効率の電磁誘導による発電ユニットを内蔵。跳ぶことで発電し、ロープ全体が光る縄跳び。網膜に1/10 秒間、光の残像が残り、遊ぶ人が夜景の一部になる。