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Freed from image

20 EUR2020A4/128pages(80 Color pages)Kichijoji Art Museum This is the only catalog that covers most of Yasuhiro Chida’s works from the early days.Tadashi Kanai/Seiichiro Naito/Asako Miyaki/Yoshimi… Read More »Freed from image


700 EUR2017Glass powder, Mirror, WoodW:200mm x H:200mm x D:10mm

Light needles

700 EUR2017Magnetite, WoodW:200mm x H:200mm x D:10mm


Sold Out Gallery Camellia/Tokyo2017Steel, WoodW:100mm x H:100mm x D:10mm


Photo: Yasuhiro Chida Limited editionTransparent ver. 2,500 EURBlack ver. 2,500 EUR2015Acrylic, Stainless steel400mm x 47mm x 200m This work allows one to experience the fastest… Read More »900,000km/s