MYRKVIÐR at Space Art Tanegashima


Director: Yasuhiro Chida

Ver.2020 3D

Director: Yasuhiro Chida

Ver. 2017


Director: Yasuhiro Chida

Making of Myrkviðr

Director: Yasuhiro Chida

Photo: Kishin Himori


Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

Space Art Tnanegashima/Tanegashima Japan
Nylon thread, LED, Aluminum, Motor
W:8m D:30m H:6m

I always wonder why I never get tired of looking at the starry sky. It’s just dots of light though. We know that it really exists and there is a great distance. We know that the light has traveled from the past and is now arriving. We can imagine that there might be creatures somewhere. We know that one day the universe has begun and will end. Is the starry sky beautiful because it contains them? The secret of the world’s beauty,and what only people can achieve. I hope my work will allow you to experience such things.