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Light Print at Toyoshina Art Museum

    Photo: Toru Tsuji

    Solo exhibition/Toyoshina art museum, Nagano Japan
    Mirror, LED, Aluminum, Fan, Glass powder
    D:3m x W:3m x H:3m

    In this work, exhibited at the Azumino Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Toyoshina, several hundred small mirror fragments were carefully arranged on the floor. The aluminum, ring-shaped object that was horizontally suspended from the ceiling had a small fan attached to it, so that the fan’s breeze could quietly make the ring object revolve. The mirror fragments on the floor reflected the LED light that was attached to the object, which projected the fragments of light that seemed to y about inside the exhibition space. Each and every single mirror fragment was placed at an accurate angle on the floor in order for the reflections of the lights to gather in one corner during the time it took for the ring to make one revolution. e light fragments that slowly gathered in the corner gained speed and then dispersed as they shifted to the next wall. (T. N.)