Brocken 6 A

Brocken specter

This work is named by a phenomenon called Brocken Spector which appears at high mountains. When you stand with your back to the sun and gaze from the ridge into the mist, your shadow surrounded by a rainbow will appear. As you walk, it follows you. In this work, you will see the light follow you.
This work is constructed by reducing, not adding. Most light is stopped by the wall. But that turns the internal experience rich. This leads to Japanese aesthetics, MA. Brocken also emphasizes the value of the darkness that is losing in our cities.


Touch to space

By immersing yourself in light, Chida wants you to experience space as something tangible. While we become increasingly dependent on visual impressions in our modern world, touch is still the most primitive and direct way we can get to know and understand the world around us. This interactive object works by daylight.


Brocken series gained great popularity and award in any art festivals and exhibitions.
Biela Noc 2018 in Slovakia.
Hongkong puls 2018.
Amsterdam light festival 2017
SIGNAL festival 2016 in Plague.
Life geek award/Emerging space prize in 2018 in China
Smart Illumination Yokohama Audience award in 2014 in Japan.

Amsterdam Light Festival
D:6m x W:4m x H:4m
Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

Brocken 5.1 in Biela Noc Festival

Biela Noc Festival/Bratislava, Kosice
Photo: Marko_Erd

Brocken 5.1 in Signal Festival

Signal Festival/Plague Czech Republic
Sound: go taneda

Brocken 5.1 in Blik Blik Festival

Photo: Mira Chaloupka

Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

Blik Blik Festival/Pilsen, Czech Republic
Sound: Asako Miyaki
Video: Jun Kosaka

Brocken 1

Brocken 6

Shinano-Omachi Food and Art Corridor/Nagano, Japan

Brocken in Mango TV

Brocken 5.1 in Re:pubrica

Brocken Y

Smart Illumination Yokohama/Yokohama



Brocken Broceken TR