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Brocken 6 A

    Director: Yasuhiro Chida

    Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

    Amsterdam Light Festival
    W:4m x D:6m x H:4m

    To turn the quality and texture of a space, and volumes of light, into an artwork. Would it be possible to perceive these things that we cannot see or touch? This project began when the former building of gallery sora was being torn down in order to rebuild it. Without adding anything through making or painting, the artwork took shape during the process of demolition. Holes were bored into the walls and ceiling in order to bring light into the space. The two-layered structure of the walls and movement of the viewer produced a phenomenon of twinkling lights that came and went. The holes functioned as pinhole cameras: when clouds crossed in front of the sun, images of clouds were projected in all the countless points of light that fell onto the floor.
    Different sites and materials were selected for each work in the series — light gauge steel and reflections from water surfaces for Brocken 6, illumination from night scenery for Brocken Y, and sheets made from aluminium foil and the wind for Brocken 1, for instance — producing a variety of spatial experiences. Walking around in the interior, it appears as if light is following the viewer. The title for this work comes from the German “Brocken,” an optical phenomenon that is observed in the mountains. These works glitter in the sunlight, flicker with points of light in the rain, take on a red hue at dusk, and take in the soft light of the moon through the holes by night. The sense of gloom created by these works makes the value of darkness and minute changes in the light all the more conspicuous.
    These works have been repeatedly exhibited in countries around the world. In addition to the Light Art Collection in Amsterdam, the world’s biggest light art collection, they are also in the collection of Depo2015 (Czech Republic) and Wonderspaces (USA). Brocken won the Life Geek Award/Emerging Space Prize, and the audience prize at Smart Illumination Yokohama 2015.  <D.W>

    空間の質、光の体積。空間を見る、知覚することは可能か。gallery soraの建て替えの際に始まったプロジェクト。作る塗るなどの加える作業をせず、壊す過程の中で作品を成立させる。外壁や天井に穴をあけ、外光を取り込む。壁の二重の構造と鑑賞者の動きによって、光の瞬きが生じる。穴はピンホールカメラとして働き、雲が太陽の前を横切ると、床に落ちた無数の光の点すべてに、雲の像が映り込む。
    軽天材を使い、水面の反射を利用したBrocken 6、夜景の光を用いたBrocken Y、アルミホイルでシートを作り、風の要素を取り入れたBrocken 1など、シリーズ毎に場所や素材を変え、様々な空間体験が生み出されてきた。内部を歩くと、光が鑑賞者についてくるように見られる。これが山岳で見られる光学現象のブロッケン現象に似ていることからタイトルは付けられた。太陽光に輝き、雨に光点を瞬かせ、夕陽に赤く染まり、月の静かな光を受け入れる。作品によって作られた闇は、暗闇の価値と光の微細な変化をより際立たせる。
    世界各国で繰り返し展示され、世界最大のライトアートの所蔵を有する、ライトアートコレクション他、Depo2015(チェコ共和国)、ワンダースぺーシーズ(アメリカ)などに所蔵。Life Geek Award Emerging space賞受賞。スマートイルミネーション横浜2015オーディエンス賞受賞。

    Brocken Specter

    This work is named by a phenomenon called Brocken Spector which appears at high mountains. When you stand with your back to the sun and gaze from the ridge into the mist, your shadow surrounded by a rainbow will appear. As you walk, it follows you. In this work, you will see the light follow you.
    This work is constructed by reducing, not adding. Most light is stopped by the wall. But that turns the internal experience rich. This leads to Japanese aesthetics, MA. Brocken also emphasizes the value of the darkness that is losing in our cities.


    Touch to Space

    By immersing yourself in light, Chida wants you to experience space as something tangible. While we become increasingly dependent on visual impressions in our modern world, touch is still the most primitive and direct way we can get to know and understand the world around us. This interactive object works by daylight.