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Brocken Y

    Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

    Smart Illumination Yokohama/Yokohama
    W:4m D:4m H:3m

    In this work, a spiral-shaped space was created in order to properly accommodate the shape of the materials and the surrounding light. Illumination from the night scenery entered the interior through tens of thousands of holes in the surface of the wall. As the night scenery provided point light sources, these points would twinkle when visitors walk through the interior, giving them the experience of walking as the starry sky followed them. The brightness of an urban environment typically makes it hard to see the stars in the sky. By reinterpreting the night scenery as a starry sky that has fallen down to earth, this work was an attempt to return these fallen stars on the ground back to the sky through the use of darkness. (D.W.)