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    Director: Yasuhiro Chida

    Photo: Yusuke Kitamura
    Yasuhiro Chida

    Karuizawa New Art Museum/Nagano, Japan
    Nylon thread, Aluminum, LED, Motor
    D:12m x W:6m x H:5m

    Roughly 3km worth of nylon threads were spread around the entire gallery to form a reticulated structure. In the center of the room is a ring with a diameter of 1.2m equipped with a light source hanging from the ceiling, rotating at a speed of one revolution every minute. The light reflected off the nylon threads — like scars in the air — reacts to the movements of the light and visitors, moving quietly through the entire space. The interior alternates repeatedly between a state of brightness and darkness: the shadows cast on the walls by the nylon threads move across them at various speeds depending on the distance from the light source. Visitors view the work by going around the perimeter of the work while keeping close to the wall. <D.W>