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    Director: Yasuhiro Chida
    Director: Yasuhiro Chida

    Photo: Kishin Himori

    Space Art Tanegashima/Kagoshima, Japan
    Magnetic sand, Wood, Motor, LED
    W:2m x D:2m x H:1m

    The angle of repose is the maximum angle at which you can no longer stack sand or particles. It depends on the gravity of the earth and the shape of the particles. The sand used in this work is iron sand collected at Nagahama and the angle of repose is around 30 degrees. In other words, this is an artwork made by the gravity of the earth with iron sand from Tanegashima.

    At the moon with a gravity of about 1/6, the sand forms a 55 degrees sharp cone. That would look very strange to our sense of living on the earth. The reason why the sand looks twinkling is that the iron sand crystals are octahedron and reflect light like a mirror.