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    Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

    Kobe biennale/Hyogo,Japan
    Vegetable oil, Pump, LED light, Fluorescent light, Pipe, Tarpaulin, Wood
    W: 2.3m×D: 12.0m×H: 2.2m (Size variable)

    This work attempted to lock up light and time in a fluid material: a sculpture made of fluids whose shape is determined by their continuous flow. 1000 liters of oil cascade continuously from the ceiling like a waterfall, inside a 40 foot shipping container. Because of its viscosity, the flowing oil appears to be stationary. At the bottom, the brimming pool of oil shimmers quietly, its surface expanding like a mirror.
    Nature establishes a relationship with humans just by being there. As such, it is possible to interpret and receive it in any way: we see in nature what we, ourselves, saw there. Nature is like a mirror that reflects the inner self. Things that are hard to grasp — like the stunning beauty of nature, its complexity, and the laws behind these phenomena — are transferred into the work just as they are, without attempting to impose understanding on them. Artistic creation wrought by a human hand that does not depend on it forges an intimate relationship with nature. The relationship between the author and nature, that between the author and the viewer, that between nature mediated by the artwork, and that between people who have experienced the work, all have a “loop”(*) that runs through them that differs from the act of confronting nature directly. A truly distinct sense of an individual or ethnic group — such as the Japanese sensibility of wa (harmony) — consists in what remains after superficial forms of expression and technique have been eliminated. The pallid light used in this work is one of the four colors that the Japanese have been aware of since ancient times: red, white, black, and blue. Blue is a color that connotes beauty. It is also the color of the thin atmosphere that covers the surface of the Earth as seen from space — to me, the most beautiful color of all.
     *The Japanese for “loop” is wa 輪, which is a homonym for wa 和, a term that refers to harmony, and Japanese culture and attributes in general. <D.W>

    流動的な物質の中に光と時間を閉じ込める。流れ落ち続ける液体によって形作られる液体の彫刻。40ft の輸送用コンテナ内、1000L のオイルが天井から滝のように流れ落ち続ける。流れるオイルはその粘性により静止して見える。底にはオイルを湛えたプールが鏡のように広がり静かに揺らぐ。