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Orpheus of the South Seas

    Photo: Asako Miyaki
    Amami Jiyuu Daigaku/ Okino erabu, Kagoshima, Japan
    Ryuta Imafuku, Gozo Yoshimasu, Tatsuya Nakamura, Seppen, Asako Miyaki, Chie Tsusima

    This work was a theatrical outdoor pilgrimage that took place on Okinoerabujima, an island of elevated coral reefs in the Amami archipelago. While making stops at five venues on the island in turn together with the participants, a performance based on the drama of Orpheus with improvised readings, dance, and music was held. During the play, I gave performances featuring a cavaquinho, a Portuguese string instrument,, as well as a spatial presentation that took place on Okidomari Beach, the last stop on the pilgrimage. <D.W>