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Analemma at Into The Great Wide Open

    Director: Yasuhiro Chida

    Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

    Photo: Sander Heezen

    Into The Great Wide Open/Vlieland, Netherlands
    Silk thread, Projector
    Flexible D:30m x W:15m x H:12m

    This work was exhibited at a pop-culture festival in the Netherlands. Inside the dark forest, the viewers experienced being surrounded by countless ascending particles of light. White pieces of thread were woven in a three-dimensional, polygonal form, which totaled several kilometers in length. This form functioned as a 3D screen, onto which thin lines of lights were irradiated via a projector. These linear lights repeatedly appeared from the ground, then ascended and disappeared. In addition, the particles of light manifested themselves at the intersections between the threads and the linear lights. Even though the linear lights ascended at a constant speed, the light particles appeared as if they were all moving at different speeds. These differences occurred depending on the distances of the threads from the light source and the angles of the woven threads. That is, the closer the thread was to a perfect horizontal line, the faster the linear light moved, and the closer it was to a perfect vertical line, the slower the light moved. Complex phenomena took place before the viewer’s eyes, despite Chida’s use of a simple structure and materials. Faint rainbow colors were also manifested over the light particles due to the shift in hues, caused by the type of DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector that was used. Inside the installation were several paths for the viewers to walk through, as well as a wide space where they could lay on the soft ground covered with moss, while also experiencing the work with the Milky Way as the backdrop.

    Chida considers a “space” that cannot be seen or touched to be associated with a sense of beauty. In the past, painters continued to contrive ways to express “space” on a two-dimensional plane, at times using scientific ideas, while at other times relying on their own sensibilities. Everyone has experienced a time when the overall effect of a certain spatial environment has made them feel comfortable, whether it be inside a building or in nature. So what then is a “space” to us? The position coordinates in a three-dimensional space can be expressed with vector and scalar quantities, but can this be considered the same as a space that contains beauty? What sort of a space is the one a dancer or athlete captures via his/her body? Even though all things exist in a three-dimensional space, we are unable to perceive the space itself. This work was devised to manifest beauty/space itself through pervading the space with low-density materials and by drawing closer to it as a perceivable existence. (T. N.)