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Kalama Park Project

    Photo: Yasuhiro Chida

    gallery camellia/Tokyo, Japan
    W:0.9m D:0.9m H:0.1m

    This project involves creating an art park that visitors can stay in, combining my past works with new ones. As many of my previous works were made for temporary installations, only video footage of them remains. Here, more than 50 pieces were installed permanently in a space where visitors can experience the works at any time. Also on permanent display are works with a connection to the surrounding natural environment and the movement of the celestial bodies. In this museum, guests can stay inside the interior of these works which have a variety of different possible uses, such as the background for photos in fashion magazines, or as a hall for concerts and events. The workshop also functions as a base for local residents or artist residencies. I am currently looking for a site to realize this project. <D.W>